Report on 2013 Reunion

Our reunion was held September 5-8, 2013 at the Colonnade Omni Hotel in San Antonio, TX. Gene Richards took the reins of the Presidency replacing Gene Peeples who could not continue on as President. We all owe Gene Peeples a debt of gratitude for his 10 years of dedicated service to the Association and thank Gene Richards for his willingness to step up to the plate and serve as our President for the next two years.

Bruce Quernemoen, the son of member LeRoy Quernemoen, donated his services as a videographer to record the recollections of many of the members in attendance. Bruce has completed the process of editing and assembling these vignettes of history and they are now available for all to view using YouTube. Here are the links:

            7th Infantry Division Memories - Part 1

            7th Infantry Division Memories - Part 2

            7th Infantry Division Memories - Part 3

Below is a list of those who attended the reunion.

Member Attending

Unit Served With


Donald Lanternier

7th Signal Co.


Delbert A. Flitsch

40th Tank Battalion


David E. Gray, Jr.

32nd Inf. Reg.


Gene Peeples

7th Medical Battalion


Douglas J. Halbert

7th Medical Battalion

John Stengel

76th Field Artillery

Barbara Williams

Jerry Piller

3rd Bde & 3rd Bn, 32nd Inf.

Ken R. Mattingly

43rd EB [C] & 31st Inf. Reg.


Jack Naastad

Division Headquarters


Ron Levendoski

31st Inf. Reg.


Paul Umbstead
7th Div Air Sect & 32nd Inf Letha - spouse
Daniel & Kelly Umbstead
Richard Hazelmyer
7th Signal Co Linda
John Bullard
48th Field Artillery Carol
Frank Rowell
31st Field Artillery
John Prescott
31st Field Artillery
Sid Morris 31st Field Artilery Alvira
Gene Richards 7th Division Air Section Judy & Jack A. Richards
Richard Coutermarsh 9th Inf. Reg.
JT Morgan 7th Div Air Sect & 49th FA Nancy
George Boggs, Sr. 31st Inf. Reg. Lillian
Kenneth W. Smith 7th Div Air Sect & 49th FA Joyce
Joseph E. Murphy 32nd Inf. Reg. Michael Murphy
Stanley Warren 17th Inf. Reg. Loretta & Marsha
Richard Patterson 32nd Inf. Reg. Jennifer
Harold Wheatley 184th Inf. Reg. Helen
LeRoy Quernemoen 7th QM Co. & 32nd Inf. Reg. Bruce
CSM Delbert D. Byers Division HQ 
Donald J. Burns 57th FA Betty
Merilyn D. Georgevich 32nd Inf. Reg. Steve Bradford, Gladys Houston,
Dan & Pauline Derby
Walter Davenport 57th FA Edie and Dennis
John Schofield 49th FA Doris
Henry Mills 7th Med. Bn. Patricia
Daniel McPharlin 31st Inf. Reg. Mickey
Harold Holliger 48th FA Bn. Jackie
Charles E. Graham Divsion HQ Johnnie & Dorcas
William Labbe 127th Signal Co.
Robert Stainbrook 7th Div. Air & 17th Inf. Reg. Wilma
Gerald Cuslidge 13th Engineer Bn. [C]
Billy Kelly 31st Inf. Reg. Evelyn
Robert Patterson 17th Inf. Reg. Shella
MG Stephen R. Lanza Commanding General 7th ID CPT Ryan Case, CG's Aide

Our next reunion will be held in the summer or fall of 2015 in the Tacoma, Washington area adjacent to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the current active duty station of the 7th Infantry Division. 

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