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It is hoped that you will enjoy the 7th ID Association's "Members Only" web page features. As of right now the profile page, search page, edit page and Newsletter link are the available options. More features will be added in the future, along with some other member functionality. On-line access to the Hourglass has been added as long as you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system.

This section of the web site is only accessible by current 7th Infantry Division Association Members in good standing.

Plans are to add some instructional data in the future on the features of this section of the web site. For now, you should update your profile as best you can. If you do not want other members to have your phone number, do not add it to your profile.

You should also change your username and password ASAP. You can make them whatever you would like. You can do this by editing your profile. If you forget your password you can have it sent to your e-Mail address by either using the link on the login page or by sending a regular mail letter to the 7IDA Webmaster requesting that you be mailed your current User Name and Password.

The information in this section of the web site is to be used to help members contact old friends, meet new ones, and stay in contact with current friends. It IS NOT to be used for any other purpose, such as soliciting sales. Example: If you write a book about the 49th FA Battalion and want to contact members about possible sales, please ask one of the Association officers for permission. Under no circumstances are you to give out any information on any Association member to someone outside the Association.


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